Past exhibition


13th edition - 2023

Art from here is from elsewhere

The exhibition was a unique opportunity to immerse ourselves in thinking about how art can transform the world. By presenting a great diversity of talents and points of view, it reflected the incredible open-mindedness and cultural richness of Quebec and its people.

A word from the curators

Bousmaha SiddikiCurator of the exhibition

This exhibition gave the public the opportunity to appreciate a kaleidoscope of works that are both rich and moving. At the same time aesthetic, cultural and spiritual, it has allowed us to see the world under its many facets of its great fruitful diversity.

Jean-François LeclercCurator of the exhibition

It was an honor to be in contact with such a diversity of backgrounds and creative paths that continues to convince me that any work is a proposal that enriches everyone's creativity. She still has to be seen. To which this eloquent catalog will contribute, fortunately, for a long time to come.

Bob OréGallery director

As a gallery, our mission is to promote these talents not only locally, but also internationally. We offer a leading platform for all actors and artists, whether they come from here or elsewhere, to share their common passion.